Vivid Sydney, 2013

My first ever Vivid Sydney on the first night of RAINY winter, awesome!



DSC_7282At Darling Harbour for their Saturday Fireworks display!

DSC_7311The Harbour Bridge was half-glowing when we got to Cirqular Quay :(




DSC_7336The Sydney Opera House was in a techno-electric theme that night!

DSC_7342This has got to be my favourite shot, the buildings were glowing in my favourite colour – PINK!

DSC_7347The rain didn’t stop everyone from seeing the glowing City!

Used a standard 18-55mm lens, with no lens hood :( Droplets could be seen on some photos!

Blur, Blur Everywhere

For my last :( Photography class , we were told to go outside Northbridge and shoot some images with a lot of movements.

A man crossing towards Perth’s “Horseshoe”

I had a bit of difficulty taking photos of walking people :(

Did my best! Tips anyone?

- I attended a Creative Photography short course at Central TAFE, lectured by Mr. Richard Syme, an amazing photographer.

Here, There, Everywhere

Massive lag with the posts lately! My mum and little brother came over from Sydney for a holiday and the house feels so empty without them now! Some shots I made when we took them out around Perth :)

Sunset at Cottesloe Beach, Perth

Kangaroo lair at The Maze, Perth

Took me a minute and a handful of hand swaying to get this adorable guy’s attention! Still at The Maze

Kangaroo Lair at The Maze


End of 2011!

December 2011/January 2012

I was lucky to have spent my Christmas and New Year’s in the Philippines, something I have always wanted to do since I moved to Australia. The Christmas festivities and yuletide atmosphere was really alive, something Filipinos can be proud of.

It is very common for Filipinos to celebrate Chrissie and New Year’s with A LOT of food on the table. These are the candles that my auntie lit during the midnight of 2012.

View of Mall of Asia’s EYE in January <3 Stolen shot of my cousin, Dixy, to give that “dramatic” effect. :P

A closer look.

The “Pasabit” is basically lollies/coins/nibbles packed into little plastic bags and hung into a wooden material and kids will try and grab the bags while someone lowers it down.

- I’m doing a 4 photos per post thing! Just to make it different :D


Bits and Pieces.

Feast of the Black Nazarene at Quiapo, Manila 2012

The streets were lit by this orangey coloured lamp post and it was such a beautiful scene. A shot of my cousin, Daphne, taking a photo of someone.

I could NOT let myself miss a shot of this. The famous “Dirty Ice Cream“.


Batangas, Philippines 2011

Salot” (pest) vandalism on a round-about. Shot in a moving car.

No school kids were harmed from this shot :P This is a pretty normal view in the provinces.

- I miss.